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Natural Gut Wellness Capsules

Natural Gut Wellness Capsules

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Natural Gut Wellness Capsules with Fulvic Acid are expertly crafted to enhance your daily wellness by supporting digestive health. Rich in fulvic acids and polyphenols, naturally occurring compounds from Birch Chaga and Pine Bark extract, these capsules are beneficial for maintaining a balanced gut microbiome.*

The formulation promotes a harmonious digestive environment, aids in smooth bowel functions, and contributes to overall gastrointestinal wellness.* These capsules are an ideal addition to your daily regimen, designed to assist in sustaining the natural equilibrium of your gut's ecosystem, complementing a balanced diet and supporting the body's nutritional needs.*

The ingredients include Birch Chaga, known for its antioxidant properties; Pine Bark Extract, which contains humic and fulvic acid, recognized for supporting gut health and nutrient absorption; and a cellulose capsule, crafted from plant-based materials to ensure natural and gentle delivery.*

Product amount: 30 caps

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if the safety seal is damaged or missing. Store in a cool, dry place.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Gluten-free Vegetarian Lactose-free Allergen-free Hormone-free All natural Antibiotic-free No fillers Non-GMO Corn-free Vegan friendly


Reduces oxidative stress

Supports beneficial bacteria

Enhances nutrient absorption

Reduces gut inflammation

Protects gut lining

How to use

Suggested use: For optimal results, we recommend taking one (1) (0.5g) capsule per day. This dosage is sufficient to complement a healthy lifestyle and diet, and there is no need for a higher dose, as the body optimizes the use of the ingredients efficiently.


Birch Chaga Extract

  1. Antioxidant Properties: Birch Chaga is rich in antioxidants, particularly polyphenols and superoxide dismutase (SOD), which help reduce oxidative stress in the gut. This protects the gut lining from damage and inflammation.
  2. Immune Modulation: Chaga contains beta-glucans, which help modulate the immune system. A balanced immune response supports a healthy gut environment, reducing inflammation and promoting healing of the gut lining.
  3. Prebiotic Effects: Chaga may act as a prebiotic, fostering the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. This helps maintain a healthy gut microbiome, which is crucial for effective digestion and nutrient absorption.

Pine Bark Extract

  1. Antimicrobial Activity: Pine Bark Extract contains compounds like proanthocyanidins that exhibit antimicrobial properties. This helps control harmful bacteria in the gut, reducing the risk of infections and promoting a balanced microbiome.
  2. Anti-inflammatory Effects: The extract's polyphenols help reduce inflammation in the gut lining, soothing conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
  3. Enhanced Microbiota: Pine Bark Extract supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. A healthy microbiota aids in proper digestion, nutrient absorption, and overall gut health.

Humic and Fulvic Acid

  1. Nutrient Absorption: Humic and fulvic acids enhance the bioavailability of nutrients by chelating minerals and making them more easily absorbed by the gut lining. This ensures that essential nutrients are efficiently utilized by the body.
  2. Detoxification: These acids help bind to toxins and heavy metals in the gut, facilitating their excretion from the body. This detoxifying action helps maintain a clean and healthy gut environment.
  3. Gut Lining Protection: Humic and fulvic acids contribute to the integrity of the gut lining by promoting the production of mucins and other protective compounds. This helps prevent leaky gut syndrome and supports overall gut barrier function.

Cellulose Capsule (Plant-Based)

  1. Gentle on the Stomach: Plant-based cellulose capsules are hypoallergenic and easily digestible, minimizing the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort.
  2. Optimal Release: The cellulose material ensures that the active ingredients are released in the digestive tract at the right time for maximum absorption and efficacy.


Birch Chaga and Pine Bark extract containing humic and fulvic acid, Cellulose Capsule (plant-based).

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